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9 February 2018

What is a Financial Coach?

Often times during this journey we call “Life”, I visit with folks and the topic eventually gets around to our professions or what we do for work. When I say “Financial Coach”, I get some puzzled looks and the obligatory question: What does a financial coach do?

My quick elevator explanation is as follows: I help people get organized with their personal finances so they can get on a budget, save more money, pay off their debts, save even more money, start investing for college and retirement, and buy or pay off a mortgage. When things look dark with money, I help them inject light and hope into their money darkness. If their eyes have not yet glazed over, I pass them a couple of cards since 8 out of 10 people are living paycheck to paycheck and cannot cover many financial emergencies.

In more detail, financial coaching is a means of providing regular 1-to-1 sessions with clients in an attempt to improve performance with money and personal financial decisions in order to reach personal goals. My main function (passion) is to educate and support clients as they make changes in their behavior that have permanent impact on financial decisions. This would include consequences both that are both good and bad.

Financial coaches facilitate the client’s progress using skills and techniques to support lasting financial behavior change. In a coaching engagement, I assist clients creating their own solutions, build and implement an action plan that works for them.

In short, financial coaching is…

  • an approach that builds upon a strong foundation of financial knowledge.
  • client and coach collaborate on the ground rules of the relationship.
  • client-centered goal setting.
  • focused on behavior change.
  • accountability between client and coach.

Do you know anyone living paycheck to paycheck? Do you and your spouse ever fight or argue over money decisions? Do you ever wonder where all your income is going? Are you prepared for future financial milestones? (College, retirement, debt reduction) Do you have any debts that have been around so long they think they are family members? If you can answer “YES” to even 1 of these questions, contact me today for your COMPLIMENTARY introductory coaching session and bring some light to your financial darkness.

Jeff Tucker

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