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19 February 2018

Tools for Winning: 5 STRONG Financial Sites

Winning with money takes courage to admit that old tactics are not working. It also takes humility to admit mistakes have been made. In addition, behavior must be changed to get different results and break the status quo. There are many tools available to achieve a financial turnaround: classes, face-to-face counseling, books, videos, and podcasts. Our article this week examines online sources for financial advice and techniques that can make a difference.

Investopia: Started in 1999, Investopia is a privately-owned website that focuses on financial news and investing education. It includes a stock simulator and stock-tracking tools, an expert network of financial advisors charged with answering reader questions, over 14,000 definitions and investing terms, and videos on-demand on a broad range of financial topics. Its latest innovation is an academy that operates a self-paced, online course that can provide enhance skills relating to finance.

Wise Bread: A US-based financial advice website that offers advice and shortcuts on personal finance, and advice that can lead to living inexpensively. In 2009, Wise Bread created a 36-episode podcast and paperback book dedicated to living on a budget. In addition, Wise Bread offers articles on career advice, printable and digital coupon codes, personal finance blogs, financial podcasts, and many other money tips.

Kiplinger: A personal finance magazine was published in 1947 and offers advice on managing money and achieving financial security, saving, investing, planning for retirement, paying for college, and major purchases like automobiles and homes. This subscription-based magazine offers sound advice on:

  • managing money
  • savings and retirement
  • investments in automobiles, higher education, and real estate.
  • saving money on food and travel
  • teaching children how to save money
  • social security benefits and 401(k) accounts

Nerd Wallet: An American personal finance website that helps people make and manage financial decisions by comparing various products available from various banks and insurance companies. Started in 2009, Nerd Wallet is a company with a goal to provide information that educates consumers in making financial decisions. Its web site is directed towards millennials and its comparison tools provide information on credit card selection, college loans, banking, mortgage loans, stock trading and insurance policies.

Learnvest: Launched in 2008 by a Harvard business student, Learnvest was purchased by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance in 2015. Learnvest offers free articles but provides robust financial knowledge through a fee-based subscription in which the member pays an initial fee and a monthly minimal fee. In return, the consumer is paired with a dedicated financial advisor, a personalized financial plan, and online tools, classes, and articles to activate the advice. The certified financial planners provide 24/7 ongoing support, goal counseling, and tracks the progress of each member.

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