Jeff Tucker – Certified Financial Coach

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Lighthouse Financial Coaching is an Austin-based company that specializes in Money Advice, Budgeting Assistance, Eliminating Debt and Wealth Building.

Injecting Light Into Money Darkness!

Lighthouse Financial Coaching can help you build a budget that will give every dollar a name and enable you to direct that dollar in the direction that will best benefit your household.

According to the Gallup polling organization, only 1 out of 3 households operate on a detailed budget. This is roughly the same without regard to income, ideology, or political affiliation. Many people are so involved in living life to the fullest that they forget to pay attention to the non-stop flow of bills, spending, and paychecks and lose track of their money and eventually wander into trouble. Lighthouse Financial Coaching can help you focus on personal finances and make your money behave so it has more purpose and power than ever.

Here are a few areas we explore during coaching sessions:

  • Financial snapshot – Collection of documents that will build a picture of current financial condition (records of debt, savings, and income)
  •   Budget Services – Setting up a zero-based budget. Identification of critical budget needs and income utilization
  •   Debt Snowball Building – Arrangement of debts in order to prioritize payment and create financial momentum as each debt is paid.
  •   Motivation Techniques – Providing information that will assist the client with identification of problems and possible solutions.
  •   Encouragement – Helping clients move forward and reminding them of financial goals and a better future.